• Full Screen mode for Jukebox and HTPC use
  • Searchable Cover Art and Full Text view
  • Support for all popular media file formats (including video)
  • Touch screen friendly skin
  • Bill and Coin acceptor interfaces
  • Password protected "Party Play" or Kiosk mode
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    Ultimate Jukebox 3.6 is available now

    Download Ultimate Jukebox here...
    Also check out the Quick Start Guide

    Ultimate Jukebox
    Turn your PC into the Ultimate PC Jukebox using our affordable one of kind software package. Ultimate Jukebox has support for most popular media file formats formats for the Ultimate flexibility and the Ultimate home jukebox audio experience.

    Cover Art View
    Jukebox List (Tree) View

    Ultimate Jukebox was created with a Home Theater PC/Jukebox interface in mind. Ultimate Jukebox can turn your shiny new computer, or even your old PC, into the Ultimate PC Jukebox. Just plug your PC into your stereo and get instant access to all of your music.

    Ultimate Jukebox can display your media collection textually using a tree or graphically using cover art images. Built in views allow you to find music alphabetically, by Artist, Album, Genre, Keyword or Years/Decades. And if there's not enough options there, just ask us to create a new view for you, the Database Views are built from text configuration files using database SQL queries. So, in theory, you can arrange your media any way that you want to!

    Enjoy hours of endless music, Ultimate Jukebox won't play the same track twice until it has played all the songs on your computer so it works great if you want to liven up a party with your personal music collection or simply want to listen to music around your house. Random play can be configured to weight playback based on ratings, control playback so you don't hear tracks from the same artist in a given time period, only play tracks from certain genres or years, as well as custom random play configurations based on database SQL queries.

    You can change skins, colors, fonts and layout sizes to customize the interface to suit your requirements and screen resolution. Ultimate Jukebox uses a "stretchy" skin which means that it can run at any resolution and is not tied to "standard" resolutions like 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768.

    New features are added regularly based off your feedback! That's right you decide what new features will get added to Ultimate Jukebox and BETA updates are regularly made available for you to play with the new features!

    Perfect for your end of year party!

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