• Full Screen mode for Jukebox and HTPC use
  • Searchable Cover Art and Full Text view
  • Support for all popular media file formats (including video)
  • Touch screen friendly skin
  • Bill and Coin acceptor interfaces
  • Password protected "Party Play" or Kiosk mode
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • How do I load my music into Ultimate Jukebox
      Choose Settings->Media Folders from the main menu. Add the paths to your music and click "Run Scan".

    • How do I get my cover art to display
      Ultimate Jukebox supports the loading of cover art for id3v2 tags, however the easiest way to maintain your cover images is to simply store the image in the same if a single folder (configured in Settings->General) or stored with your music for that album. Your files must following strict naming conventions but you can there are still many ways to name them. The naming patterns are also configurable via a configuration file if required. Check the how to secion in the help (just press F1) to see the standard naming conventions.

    • I can't open my license file/where do I put my license file?
      Ultimate Jukebox creates an empty folder called "License" in it's folder structure. For a standard Windows installation this will be C:\Program Files\Ultimate Jukebox\License. Simply save your license file from your registration email into this folder. There is no need to try to open it (don't double-click it), Ultimate Jukebox knows what to do!

    • How do I make my music crossfade between songs?
      Winamp and iTunes support crossfading so make sure you are using Winamp or iTunes for playback (Settings->Player Type->Winamp or Settings->Player Type->iTunes). When UJ is running use Alt-Tab to locate the Winamp/iTunes window and configure it for cross fading output. In Winamp you need to go to preferences, plugins, output plugins and choose DirectSound Crossfading output.

    • Do I have to tag my media files?
      Well, no, not really but it is the best way to use Ultimate Jukebox. You can configure Ultimate Jukebox to parse filenames and extract Artist, Album, Title, Genre and Track Number out of them, but that still means you have to stick to very strict and organized file naming conventions for your entire media collection.

    • Scanning takes a long time, can I schedule rescans to happen overnight?
      Yes, schedule Ultimate Jukebox to run using Windows "Scheduled Tasks" in the Windows Control Panel. Schedule Ultimate Jukebox to run with the /RunScanAndExit command line switch. If Ultimate Jukebox is not already running then it will run, perform the scan and then exit, if it is already running then it won't exit.

    • My Winamp Plug-in doesn't work?
      If you have configured Ultimate Jukebox to use Winamp for playback, Ultimate Jukebox will run Winamp with it's own configuration file so that you don't overwrite your standard Winamp configuration used when running Winamp by itself. Some Winamp plugins will not run correctly (or at all) if Winamp is not run using the default configuration (eg some Karaoke plugins). Use Settings->Audio Player to configure the Winamp preferences and check "Run Winamp with default configuration".

    • Does Ultimate Jukebox work with a Touch Screen?
      Yes, no problem. A touch screen is just a mouse, it sends "mouse clicks" to the application, just like a mouse does. The only trick is to make sure that your screen resolution and UJ's skin allow for buttons big enough to be "Touch Screen Friendly". To set up Ultimate Jukebox to be more touch screen friendly use Settings->Control Style 2, and Settings->Queue Controls Style 2, to get bigger buttons for the play controls and queue controls. Then use Settings->Skins->Skins(Tab) and select the UJ 2007 (Large) skin to get bigger scrollbars.

    • Does Ultimate Jukebox work with a Coin or Bill Acceptor?
      Ultimate Jukebox supports a simple Coin/Bill acceptor, where the acceptor sends a simple number to the computer's serial port, this number is mapped to a money value and converted into "credits" to allow tracks to be added to the queue. Ultimate Jukebox also supports a "Windows COM" interface for adding and controlling credits if the standard mechanism does not work with your devices then it should be easy enough create an application to talk to your device and control the credits in Ultimate Jukebox. If you would like more information of please email me, ultimatejukebox@murphnet.net. (Note that the credits interface is an additional license option and requires a commercial license for Ultimate Jukebox).

    • I can't register for the forum or I didn't get me confirmation email?
      Please email me, ultimatejukebox@murphnet.net, to enable your form account, just let me know your username. Unfortunately the forum was being SPAMMED so I have had to disable automatic activations.

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