How Play Order is Determined

Ultimate Jukebox differs from other music players in the way that it handles track selection. Most players only offer a playlist and some sort of random song selection and maybe the option to choose tracks based on genre and other TAG data.

Ultimate Jukebox has a multi-layered playlist implementation. This means that Ultimate Jukebox uses multiple "internal" playlists which have an order of precedence. These are (from Highest to Lowest) :

  1. The Queue : this is the only list visible in the main display window (at the bottom). The tracks that you select using the various Track Location methods will end up in the queue. Adding a track to the queue does not make it play immediately - the track that is currently playing will finish, then the first song in the queue will be "dequeued" and played. If there are no tracks left in the queue, track selection is passed to the next playlist level.
  2. The Stacker : the stacker is an implementation of the Global List (see below) but only for the virtual CDs and playlists that are in it. If the stacker is enabled, and is not empty, then track selection will not be passed below the stacker.
  3. Playlist Collection : These are playlists that have been saved and are preloaded when Ultimate Jukebox is started. You can switch between preloaded lists or turn them off. If there is a preloaded list activated and set to 'loop' (repeat), track selection will not be passed below.
  4. The Global List : this is a list representing your entire music collection. If track selection reaches this point, tracks are chosen at random from the global list.

Ultimate Jukebox was designed to turn your PC into a fully functional jukebox. It will bring your entire Mp3, OGG, WMA & WAV music collection together in an easy to use and intuitive interface, and will give you instant access to your entire music collection.

The task of locating the music you want to hear becomes a simple and logical process. With multiple playlist levels, multiple track selection methods and full screen capability, Ultimate Jukebox is the perfect addition to your HTPC (Home Theatre PC) and home stereo system.

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Screen captures on these pages contain song titles that were legally purchased, and represent one person's own personal CD collection.
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