Configuring Ultimate Jukebox

Before you can start listening to your music, you must first let Ultimate Jukebox know where your music files are stored. This is done by choosing Settings::Media Folders from the main menu. This will display the window shown below. (You can view the main menu by clicking the "Show Menu" button).


You can now add as many folders as you like by clicking the "Add" button and then locating the folder. Folders are searched recursively, that is, all folders within the folders you choose are searched for valid music files as well. You do not have to select them individually. You could simply specify a root folder (eg. C:\) which will search an entire drive for files, however this will be a slower process.

Once your music folders have been selected, click the "Scan All" button. This will scan the specified folders for valid music files. This can be a slow process depending on the number of files, disk speed, processor speed, etc.

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