Maximizing Display Space

Ultimate Jukebox was designed to run as a full-screen application. Therefore, if you haven't done so already, the first thing that you should do to allow more room for the information to be displayed is to click the Maximize button.

If you still require more space (this may be the case if you are running at lower screen resolutions), then you can hide various sections of the main window to allow more viewing area for the Jukebox and Track lists.

You can hide the Song Title, Stacker, Queue Controls, and Cover Art Panels by selecting the appropriate menu options under the View option in the main menu. Some of these options also have key combination shortcuts which are displayed with the menu items.

In addition, the "divider" bars between the three main lists (Artist List, Track List, and the Queue List) can be moved (place your cursor over the bar), which allows you to resize these lists for your specific needs.

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