How to configure Artist Mappings

Artist mappings are used to enable alternate display names for artists in your collection. Ultimate Jukebox will automatically provide an alternate display for artists whose names start with the word "The" (like "The Offspring", "The Kinks" etc). You will be able to find "The Offspring" in the Jukebox List under "The Offspring" and also under "Offspring, The".

The Artist Mappings provide you with the option to provide your own alternate display names for artists in your collection. This is especially useful if you prefer to search for solo artists by their last name (like "Sinatra, Frank" or "Jones, Norah"). Unfortunately, it's impossible to try to differentiate the names of solo artists from the names of bands in Ultimate Jukebox . The Artist Mappings are provided for you to do this manually.

To configure Artist Mappings, choose Settings::General from the Main Menu and then click the "Artist Mappings" tab.

There are 2 kinds of mappings available: Standard and Custom. A Standard Map will display a two-word Artist Name as "Last, First".

For example, to add a Standard Map for "Alanis Morisette," you would just have to select "Alanis Morisette" and click "Add Standard Map." You will now find "Alanis Morisette" twice in the Jukebox List - under "Alanis Morisette" and also under "Morisette, Alanis".

Custom maps are provided to cover other situations where a Standard Map is not adequate. To add a Custom Map for "Thurston Howell III", click "Add Custom Map" and enter "Howell, Thurston III". You will now find "Thurston Howell III" twice in the Jukebox List - under "Thurston Howell III" and "Howell, Thurston III".

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