How to load your media into Ultimate Jukebox

The first thing that needs to be done for Ultimate Jukebox to fully function is to set the Music Folders. See "Initial Configuration" for more information.

The Media Search window is shown below.

  • Use the "Add" button to add folders to the list. You can add as many folders as you like by clicking the "Add" button and then locating the folder. Folders are searched recursively, that is, all folders within the folders you choose are searched for valid media files as well. You do not have to select them individually. You could simply specify a root folder (eg. C:\) which will search an entire drive for files, however this will be a slower process.
  • Use the "Delete" button to remove the selected folder from the list.
  • Use the "Clear" button to remove all folders from the list (and start over).

When your media folders have been added :

  • Click "Scan All" to search all folders for valid media files
  • Click "Scan Selected" to search only the "ticked" folders for valid media files
  • Click "Scan Sub Folder" to locate a folder within the highlighted folder and only scan that for valid media files

Unless your collection is very large (5000+), you will probably only need to use the "Scan All" option. The other options are available to save time when required.

A 'Scan All' will scan through all of your media folders and locate all of your media files, however it will only read tag & file information from those files that are not already in your library or have been modified since the last scan. Note that some TAGGING applications do not change the modified time and date of your media files when they update tag information. In this case, you will always have to do a "Full Rescan" -- see below.

To totally refresh your media library, check "Full ReScan" and click "Scan All." This will clear your media library and read everything back in.

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