How to configure and enable Party Play mode

Party Play mode is designed to restrict access to some of the functionality of Ultimate Jukebox . Party Play can disable queue modifications (move, delete), track control (stop, pause, next), set a limit to the number of entries in the queue and more.

Party Play mode is most useful with a mouse or Touch Screen interface and the PC keyboard hidden or removed from the PC (to prevent task switching and other keyboard shortcuts).

Party Play mode can be configured with a password, which must then be provided to enable, disable and/or configure Party Play mode in the future.

To configure Party Play, first choose Party Play::Configure from the main menu. If you haven't already set a password, then go to the password tab (as shown below), enter and confirm a password, then click "Set Password".

When you have set the password, click the "Options" tab to show the Party Play configuration settings.



When you want to enable Party Play mode, choose Party Play::Enable from the main menu. You will be prompted to enter your Party Play password as shown below, enter your password and click OK.

This will cause some of the screen elements of Ultimate Jukebox to be hidden, and also disable some options depending on the configuration of Party Play.

To disable Party Play, click the menu button. You will again be prompted to enter your Party Play password. Enter your password and click "OK." Ultimate Jukebox will now function as normal.

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