How to configure and enable Random Play

Random play is enabled by default when you run Ultimate Jukebox for the first time. Having it enabled allows Ultimate Jukebox to randomly play tracks from your collection when the Queue, Stacker, and Playlist are not active. Ultimate Jukebox will never repeat a track until all tracks have been played.

To disable Random Play, simply choose Random Play::Enabled from the Main Menu. A "Tick" means Random Play is enabled.

You can also limit what tracks Ultimate Jukebox will make its random selection from. To do this you specify filters. Choose Random Play::Set Filters from the Main Menu to display the Filter Rules window.

There are 4 rule types available :

  • Genres : You can specify any number of genres
  • Year : Set the 'from' and 'to' year values to select tracks made between those years (inclusive)
  • Artists : You can specify any number of artists
  • Paths : You can specify to play tracks from only the selected media folders (or for example, you could put all your Christmas tunes in one folder and specify that folder with a "Not Rule" --then just turn off the rule at Christmas time!)

By default these rules will include those tracks found to comply with the rules you apply. You can exclude tracks instead by checking the "Not Rule" check box for the rules you want. You can use any combination of the rules -- the rules are "ANDed" together, which means that a track must comply with each rule to be played.

Note that these filters only limit what is selected to be played at random. All tracks in your Global List will still be available for selection from the Jukebox List.

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