How to configure tag reader plugins

Ultimate Jukebox uses a plugin system to enable it to read tag information from various file formats (currently Mp3, Mp2, Mp1, OGG, WMA & WAV). In the future, more plugins will be added to make Ultimate Jukebox compatible with additional file types.

In general, you can leave the configuration of these plugins alone. However, if you are experiencing problems with Ultimate Jukebox incorrectly calculating the length of your VBR (Variable Bit Rate encoded) Mp3 files, you may wish to configure the Mpeg Tag Reader for use with VBR files (this is usually only required if your VBR files do not have VBR headers).

To configure the MPEG Tag Reader plugin to more accurately detect the length of VBR Mp3 files, follow the following steps:


Select Settings::Plugins from the Main Menu. The following window will be displayed.


Click the "Configure Tag Reader Plugins" button. The window below will be displayed.


Now select "Mp3, Mp2 id3v1 and id3v2 Tag Reader" and click the "Configure" button, this will display the window below.


Check "Use VBR Accuracy." You can adjust the track bar to configure how much of the file you want scanned. The higher the value, the longer the scanning process will take.

Note that the length detected is for display purposes only and will not affect the performance of Ultimate Jukebox . Usually a setting of 10-20% will be enough to produce reasonably accurate results.

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