How to display Album Cover images

Ultimate Jukebox can display album covers for your music. JPEG images can be read from id3v2 tags in mp3 files, and JPG or BMP files can be loaded from folders to be displayed. You can store your Album Cover images all in one folder or you can store them with the tracks themselves. Images can be displayed in the main Ultimate Jukebox window and are also displayed when the Screen Saver is active.

Choose Settings::General from the Main Menu to open the Preferences Window.

Image filenames can be of any of the following forms:

  • Artist - Album
  • Album - Artist
  • Artist - (Album)
  • Album - (Artist)
  • (Artist) - Album
  • (Album) - Artist
  • (Artist) - (Album)
  • (Album) - (Artist)
  • Compilation - Album
  • Compilation - (Album)
  • Soundtrack - Album
  • Soundtrack - (Album)
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Folder (the word "folder")
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