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Please note that keeping these help files up to date while continually improving and enhanchng Ultimate Jukebox is a difficult task so you may find that some of the information in these help files is a little outdated and there may be some features available in Ultimate Jukebox that are not described in this help. These files do provide enough information to cover everything required to get Ultimate Jukebox up and running with your entire music collection. If you have an problems or queries then please don't hesitate to contact is via email or via our online forum.

Ultimate Jukebox was designed to turn your PC into a fully functional jukebox. It will bring your entire Mp3, OGG, WMA, M4A & WAV music collection together in an easy to use and intuitive interface, and will give you instant access to your entire music collection.

Ultimate Jukebox can act as a "Front End" application for Winamp (http://classic.winamp.com), this means that you get the power and flexibility of Winamp's plugin system. It is designed to work with V2.9 or V5.x of Winamp (not version 3).

Ultimate Jukebox can also use DirectShow which requires Microsoft Windows Media Player V8+ or iTunes V6+ from Apple.

With Ultimate Jukebox the task of locating the music you want to hear becomes a simple and logical process. With multiple playlist levels, track selection methods, and full screen capability, Ultimate Jukebox can be the perfect addition to your HTPC (Home Theatre PC) and home stereo system.

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Screen captures on these pages contain song titles that were legally purchased, and represent one person's own personal CD collection.
*** Music Piracy Is Illegal, Ultimate Jukebox Does Not Support Music Piracy ***