Playlist Editor

Ultimate Jukebox includes an advanced Playlist Editor for creating and modifying the contents of playlists in your playlist collection and in the Stacker.

Choose Playlists::Show Playlist Editor from the Main Menu to display the Playlist Editor window.



The playlist editor contains a Jukebox List (on the left hand side of the window) with a Track List below it.

The playlist collection is shown in the top right corner of the playlist editor. It contains a list of all your playlists. If you highlight a playlist, the list at the bottom right of the playlist editor will show the tracks in that playlist.


The playlist editor buttons, from left to right are:

  1. Move Track Up
  2. Move Track Down
  3. Delete Track
  4. Clear List (delete all tracks)
  5. Sort list (by Artist, by Title, by Duration or Randomize)
  6. Modify list by Filters (Genre, Year, Artist)
  7. When a playlist from the Playlist Collection is selected, this button will add the playlist to the stacker. When a playlist from the Stacker is selected, this button will add the selected playlist to the Playlist Collection.
  8. Load from M3U Playlist File (clear the playlist and oad it's contents from an M3U Playlist file)
  9. Append M3U Playlist File (add the contents of an M3U Playlist File to the playlist)
  10. Save to M3U Playlist File (export the current playlist to an M3U Playlist File for use with other applications)

Playlists in the Playlist Collection can also be configured with various settings:

  • Random : Configure the playlist to play in random order
  • Loop : Configure playback to start from the first track when it reaches the end of the playlist.
  • Reset : Make the playlist position reset back to the start if a playlist is deactivated then reactivated (only while Ultimate Jukebox is running)

For more information on the stacker, see "The Stacker".

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