Ultimate Jukebox stores your playlists in the Playlist Collection. You can load M3U playlists created by Winamp and other applications into Ultimate Jukebox and you can export playlists from your Playlist Collection to M3U playlist files. Creating and storing your playlists in Ultimate Jukebox is easy. Playlists are stored in one collection for instant access, and you can also give your playlists descriptive names.

You can set any one of your playlists to "Active" or you can add multiple playlists to "The Stacker".

Ultimate Jukebox includes an advanced Playlist Editor for creating and modifying the contents of playlists in your playlist collection and in the Stacker.

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Screen captures on these pages contain song titles that were legally purchased, and represent one person's own personal CD collection.
*** Music Piracy Is Illegal, Ultimate Jukebox Does Not Support Music Piracy ***