The Queue

The Queue is the highest level playlist in Ultimate Jukebox . This means that if there are any tracks listed in the queue, then they will be played first, before anything in the Stacker or Playlists. The queue differs from a regular playlist in that it is constantly updated. A track added to the queue will only remain there until it has been played (dequeued). Tracks are played in the order that they are added to the queue (first one in = first one out).

Usually the music that you hear will be playing from the global list, the stacker, or a playlist. The queue allows you to temporarily override these other lists to hear something that you want straight away, without having to wait for it to come up in a playlist. When the queue is empty, tracks will again be chosen from the stacker, playlists, etc.

Information about adding tracks to the queue can be found in the Locating Tracks section.

You can modify the contents of the Queue by using the Queue Controls (located at the right hand side of the queue list) or the "Queue" sections of the main menu.

You can :

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