Loading or Appending a Stacker Cartridge File

If you have previously saved a stacker configuration to a cartridge file, you can load it or add it to the current stacker configuration. Loading a cartridge will clear the current stacker configuration and load the new one from the cartridge file. Appending a cartridge will add the contents of that stacker cartridge to the current stacker configuration.

  • To load a cartridge file, click the load cartridge button, and locate the file. If you have saved your cartridge files in the default cartridges folder, you will be able to select them from the "Load Cartridge" drop down list. (The default cartridges folder is the "cartridges" folder under the Ultimate Jukebox installation folder, this will usually be "C:\program files\Ultimate Jukebox\Cartridges")
  • To append a cartrdige file, click the append cartridge button
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