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    Playing Karaoke with Ultimate jukebox

    We have both home and commercial users running Ultimate Jukebox with Karaoke files. The most common format seems to be the CDG format, MP3+G (mp3 file and cdg file), and this is the format that Ultimate Jukebox focuses on supporting, however others may be supported as well.

    PC Karaoke Playback can be achieved in a number of ways with Ultimate Jukebox due to it's flexible playback interface. You can use Ultimate Jukebox's built in CDG Rendere no matter what playback engine you are using, but if you use Winamp for playback then you can use a Winamp plugin to display CDG files (MPG+G Karaoke) or if you use DirectShow then you can download the Karaoke for DirectShow filter. There are freely available downloads for both options.

    Native CDG decoding is currently available in the latest BETA release of Ultimate Jukebox. It includes an inbuilt CDG renderer that synchronizes playback with ANY audio file format being played. Usually this would be MP3, but there is no real requirement for this. Ultimate Jukebox can render CDG files Full Screen to any combination of monitors.

    Another popular Karaoke format is video files (mpg or AVI). There are programs available for converting CDG files to AVI files (and other video file types). This format can be useful as it just ends up being a video file.

    The latest BETA of Ultimate Jukebox also adds support for scanning Karaoke files into a separate collection for easier selection through the Jukebox List interface.

    Perfect for your end of year party!

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