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    Ultimate Jukebox Quick Start Guide

    Navigating the Ultimate Jukebox interface
    Shown below is a scaled down screen capture of Ultimate Jukebox's main window. Below this, you will find descriptions of all of the labelled components.

    Title Bar: this has the same functionality as the title bar on a regular window. Click and hold the left mouse button to move the window around the screen. The buttons in the top right corner (right to left) are Exit, Maximize (Full Screen), Help, Minimize, and Hide/Show Main Menu. The main menu can also be displayed by right-clicking anywhere on the title bar. Left-clicking on the title bar will bring up the Ultimate Jukebox version and registration details, as well as contact information.

    Main Menu: this has the same functionality as the main menu of a regular Windows program. All actions and options available in Ultimate Jukebox can be reached through the Main Menu.

    Song Title Panel: this displays the title and artist of the track currently playing. It can also be set to scroll it's display. Scrolling of the song title can be toggled by a single click on the song title itself.

    Control Panel: this contains Play, Skip, Stop & Pause buttons as well as the Track search, Queue CD, Add Selected and Add All buttons.

    Jukebox List: this window displays a tree of the English alphabet, the numbers 0 to 9, as well as additional headings (other, no artist, compilations, genres & playlists). Under each letter of the alphabet is a list of Artists whose name starts with that letter. Under each artist is a list of all the "Virtual" albums/CDs that you have of that artist. If the artist's title does not start with a letter of the alphabet then it will be found under the "other" heading. The "no artist" heading stores music files that have their ARTIST tag empty. The "Compilations" heading stores a list of Albums/CDs that Ultimate Jukebox has determined to be a Compilation Album - this means that the ARTIST tags for all tracks with this ALBUM tag are not identical AND all of these file are stored in the same folder on the disk. Clicking on the elements in the artist list will cause an appropriate list of tracks to appear in the track list (see "Track List" below).

    • The 'Queue CD' button can be used if you wish to add an entire album to the Queue List. To do this, select an album in the Artist List and click the 'Queue CD' button.
    • The 'Track Search' button is used if you want to search for a specific song by it's title.

    Track List: if an artist is selected in the Artist List window then this window will list all tracks by that artist. If an album/cd is selected in the Artist List window then this window will list all tracks on that album/cd. If one of the letters of the alphabet (or numbers 0-9) is selected in the Artist List window, then a list of tracks starting with that character will appear in the track list. The "Add Selected" and "Add All" buttons are used to add songs from the Track List to the Queue List.

    Queue: this is a list of tracks queued to be played. Tracks in the queue take precedence over other playlists.

    Cover Art: Ultimate Jukebox can display the album covers for your music.

    Cover Art View: Ultimate Jukebox can also display a thumbnail view of your cover art so that you can choose your music by clicking on your album covers. Choose View->Cover Art View from the main menu to display the cover art view instead of the jukebox list view.

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