• Full Screen mode for Jukebox and HTPC use
  • Searchable Cover Art and Full Text view
  • Support for all popular media file formats (including video)
  • Touch screen friendly skin
  • Bill and Coin acceptor interfaces
  • Password protected "Party Play" or Kiosk mode
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    Screen Shots
    Ultimate Jukebox has a "stretchable" skin so it can run at ANY screen resolution. It works best at 1024x768 or above but care is taken to make sure that it is still usable at 800x600. The screen captures shown below are all taken with Ultiamte Jukebox running at 800x600 for the sake of keeping the captures as small as possible.

    Just click on the links below to see what it looks like. Most of these images are 800x600 screen captures and sizes range 70-100k so they may take some time to download.
    Alpha Track Listing Artist Track Listing Album Track Listing Track Word Search

    Artists with Cover Art

    Cover Art View Searchable Tree View Alternate Skin

    Playlist Editor

    Stacker Configuration

    Perfect for your end of year party!

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